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Are you in the process of organising a multi-language business meeting or conference? Are you worried about how to make the communication work and get your message across?

Contact Language Box for interpreting services at company visits, business meetings, seminars and other occasions where smooth and correct communication is key. Depending on the event,  Language Box can provide  simultaneous interpretation services  (oral translation at the same time as the speaker speaks) or consecutive interpretation services  (oral translation after the speaker has finished ).

Need an interpreter for other kinds of meetings? Send your queries so that we can find a solution that suits your needs!

Simultaneous interpreting:

From German, English and Spanish to Swedish.

Consecutive and liaison interpreting:

 To and from German or Spanish and Swedish.


Do you have a document that you wish to translate into correct and idiomatic Swedish? Or marketing material that needs to be localised for the Swedish market?

Contact Language Box for translations of  product descriptions, websites or marketing texts and receive translations that are perfectly adapted to your target group wherever or whichever it may be.


From German, English and Spanish to Swedish.

Fields of specialisation:

Engineering, marketing, international relations.


Do you have a translation that needs professional critique?

Language Box will help you make sure the translation reflects the original text's contents and purpose and is free of any formal mistakes such as grammar, orthography and punctuation.

Would you like to proofread a text written in Swedish? Continue to the Editing section below!

Proofreading of translations:

From German, English and Spanish to Swedish.


Is your text difficult to read? Want to learn how to make your texts clearer and less complicated? Do you want peace of mind about your texts containing linguistic mistakes?

Language Box will help you examine your text on different levels – from a simple review to a comprehensive editing solution to make the text clearer and easier to understand. Our goal is to make you feel good about your text!

Review of Swedish texts:

From a simple orthography  and grammar check

to editing and rewriting.

About Language Box

The idea behind Language Box is to offer a wide variety of high-quality language services: interpretation, translation, proofreading and editing. Not sure which service you need? Please do not hesitate to send your queries!

My name is Ylva Sandberg and I am the owner and founder of Language Box.

I am a certified translator and conference interpreter and have acquired my language skills and degrees through education and work in several countries overseas, such as Germany, Spain and the United States, as well as in Sweden. Since I have finished my studies, I have been working as a translator and conference interpreter in Sweden and abroad, for instance at the institutions of the European Union.


Please do not hesitate to enquire any further information or to request a quote.




Ylva Sandberg

Fyrislundsgatan 23B

754 44 Uppsala



+46 73 043 8762


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